‘Dysfunction’ by Depression

Black, white, black, white… that seems to be the message from four year-old local label Depression for their latest Spring/Summer 2011 collection. By creating strong statement pieces, the collection aim to celebrate the spirit of being different and the acceptance of simply not looking like the rest. Some of the highlights include quirky pieces like the three-collar blouse (imagine poking your head through any of the openings you feel like) and the upside-down dress, which as the name said it, looks like a dress worn upside-down.

Prices range from $59 for a unisex shirt to $89 onwards for a dress. There are also shoes starting from $120 for ladies to $150 for men to choose from. ‘Dysfunction’ will be launched on Christmas Eve and will be retailed exclusively at Depression stores at Millenia Walk, Parco #02-21 and Far East Plaza #04-41