5 Reasons Why Craig Green is Menswear’s NBT (Next Big Thing)


Craig Green, the London up-and-comer whom recently presented a tear-inducing Spring/Summer 2015 collection at London Collections: Men, has many reasons to be touted the next big thing in menswear. Compared to Milan and Paris, London’s menswear scene is slightly more vibrant and experimental. For Craig’s case, it takes a few sculptural wooden frames (carried by the models) to stand out from the pack. Here’re some reasons why the world needs to watch out for Craig Green.

1. He understands the balance between being artistic and commercial. While his shows might be dramatic, the clothes actually look like they can fare pretty well on the shop floor.

2. Dover Street Market not only stocks his clothes in London, New York, and Tokyo, they were so impressed that they also invited him to create a window installation (check out the giant octopus here).

3. The super humble background… and you know being humble in this industry goes a long way. His father is a plumber, his mother a nurse, and his uncle a carpenter.

4. At 27, he is relatively young for an emerging designer, with many years ahead of him to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with.

5. If you trust Tim Blanks’s predictions… the Editor-At-Large of Style.com and veteran fashion critic ended his review of Craig’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection with the line “The Cult of Craig is about to explode.”