AVICII for RALPH LAUREN denim? Let’s match DJs to brands!

In light of the recent news that Avicii, the young famous pretty good looking Swedish DJ is becoming the face of Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply – I am going to play matchmaker for DJs and fashion brands! I am no expert on the electro scene but wouldn’t it be cool to have this genre of musicians tied up with fashion? Like Chalk & Cheese but oh-so-fun.

DJs pull a pretty huge following and are usually very popular with the edgier, younger crowd. Partnering them with fashion is new and it feels fresh. Talk about marketing 101!

I thought of Balenciaga for Daft Punk, but Mugler (opening show for Audi Fashion Festival this year by the way) menswear has a modern cool factor that just feels right for french music duo..


Almost any DJ can be the T by Alexander Wang type of guy – laid-back, casual and a little bit boring.

But Skrilex has that slight grungy favor that would do A WANG justice!

I have heard people who referred to people who like Tiesto as ‘AH BENG’ and when ‘AH BENG’ comes to my mind I immediately think of ED HARDY.