#Atribute – 40 years of Armani‏

Atribute 3

Giorgio Armani is celebrating its 40th anniversary with the special project #Atribute which meant as both a play on words ‘Armani Tribute’, as well as a hashtag. #Atribute will be dedicated to themes, people or things that are closely associated with the Armani brand throughout the years and it will tied with all of this year’s celebrations and activities.

To find out more about the project, check out the dedicated website Armani.com/Atribute which will be unveiling 40 different themes for each of the 40 years that Giorgio Armani has existed – full of history as well as Mr Armani’s vision for the company. Fans of Armani can also join in the milestone celebration using the hashtag #Atribute for all things Giorgio Armani on social media and interact with Armani.com/Atribute from anywhere in the world.