Another teaser

After Yves Saint Laurent, Madonna for Louis Vuitton has a preview released:



I am surprised by the smoky vibe of the campaign, or maybe I am just getting the feel of the Missoni Fall 08′ ads, like everyone does, but most of that is attributed to the overall tone and the graphical floor tiles. Both campaigns are by Meisel so it makes logic anyway.

The pose in the first shot— not very Vuitton I have to say— a little awkward actually but I like her expression in the second shot, it is regal. This campaign goes a little closer to those travelers and luggage campaigns shot by Annie Leibovitz featuring political figures and well-respected socialites. I mean, if they want to fight the increasing amount of counterfeits, they need to associate the brand with more powerful or respected public figures to revamp its status.

Photography wise, I thought that Meisel would play up a bit more with the location, but wrapping a shoot within half a day has its limits I guess, and there are still four more shots to follow so I better not make my judgements too fast.

images: TFS via WWD

  • peek-a-boo

    Fabulous!!! Can’t wait to see the rest.
    Thank you Laila!


    Great post! I totally agree that while the first shot is questionable, she is rather stately in that second shot.
    Nice writeup!
    -Johanne at

  • Asian Models Blog

    I’m not feeling it. Hopefully, actual ad is cut to a close-up of Madonna’s face with the purse on her shoulder.

  • Laila

    ^ I am not sure if they will crop it but for the upcoming shots, I hope to see her posing around the bar table because that’s what the location interesting isn’t it?