And it comes in big groups (correction)

I have mentioned before in this post that many campaigns are doing multi-girls this season. Apparently, some blue chip campaigns will be flooded with new faces…

Here’s a brief list:

Balenciaga: 10 models

Chloe: cut down to 2 models (not 8, my apologies)

Prada: 8 models

Miu Miu: 8 models + 1 celeb (Katie Holmes)

GAP: 15 models

The good news about this trend is that many models are going to get enough campaign work and exposure but with a cast of 8, 9… it definitely lessen the significance of being in a blue chip campaign because one might just be the many others who got their big break. For example, “Ymre is the only girl for Prada” and “Ymre is one of the 8 girls for Prada”—– makes a lot of difference. Unless it is 7 veterans plus one new girl, then it might just be as good as an only-girl campaign. And remember the Gucci Fall 08′ campaign? Kasia and Ksenia were blurred to the max in the background in contrast with Lily Donaldson and gang. Which means, in the end of the day, someone would surely be the main star (for the eyewear individual shots) and also not forgetting the possibility of certain model’s shot being cancelled— that might the case for Miu Miu— how will the eight models be in the same shot as Katie Holmes?

I am very interested to see how the results are going to be like in the coming February.

all info from, tfs