3 Trends That Are Making The Biggest Comeback Right Now

90s trend

If you’ve been looking at all the street-style photos recently, you would have noticed the comeback of three big 90s trend, even the bloggers and celebrities are wearing it out loud and proud. What are they?

1. The Sports Bra
We’re not talking about the ones that are on the runway or on the outside. The real sports bra which you can wear to gym or yoga are being worn alone now and made the center piece of an outfit. Just look at Chiara Ferragni her #mycalvins during the recent menswear fashion week. For your reference, check out Kate Moss’s iconic Vogue Paris November 2004 cover which had her wearing green fur with a Nike sports bra. Just. Amazing.

2. Birkenstocks
Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen played an instrumental role in bringing the Birkenstocks back to the spotlight. The style influencers have been spotted wearing them in more than one occasion and at times, for events. The world-famous German footwear is the flip flops before flip flops happened, and you see retailers like Zara and H&M producing similar versions now (without the buckles though).

3. The bucket bag
Bucket bags screams “VINTAGE” like no other, it’s one of the most common shapes of vintage bags. With the rise of IT bucket bags from brands like Mansur Gavriel and Building Block, it’s no wonder people are starting to embrace this shape again.


[Images: style.com, olsensanonymous.blogspot.com, luckymag.com]