3 Outfit Ideas That Are So Wrong, It’s Right


If you’re a fashion watcher, you may have noticed some really, really bizarre wardrobe trends lately. Whether it’s from the runway (as usual), street-style or celebrities, a gimmicky act or just a publicity stunt, some of these trends left me scratching my head. Will you attempt any of the following?


This is nothing new, it’s been going around for quite a while but ever since the Maison Martin Margiela X H&M collection was released, more and more people have been trying to imitate the look where you basically wear the bra outside. For some reason, some people do manage to pull it off (read: Man Repeller), but some just look plain awkward. The look depends heavily on the TYPE of bra and the top that you’re matching it with.
Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 4.32.36 PM

spl724796-004-copySOCKS WITH SANDALS

This too, is nothing new. But the Olsen Twins just brought it to the #NEXTLEVEL recently when they both wore Birkenstocks with white socks at the airport. If you really don’t care, this is absolutely comfortable for a plane ride. But in broad day light, maybe you will want to match the socks to your sandals in terms of colous and materials.
Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 4.32.36 PM

1901331_10152085613210824_2924706890290583481_nWEARING YOUR CLOTHES BACKWARDS

Oops I do that when I dress in the dark. True story. If you happened to have the perfect body shape (no huge boobs involved, no hunch backs) you can fit pretty well into a jacket that’s turned backwards. Try something oversized so it’s not obvious and be confident when you wear it. If someone questions you, just reply with a “What’s wrong? Of course I’m wearing it correctly.”